Smart house - ARDENA, LLC

Smart house - ARDENA, LLC

Smart House – it’s a system which unites all house equipment: security, air conditioner, heater, ventilation, illumination, blinds control, etc.

Smart House System controlls all house equipment.System is controlled directly at house (by control block on the walls and remote control panel) internet, mobile and wired telephones.

The benefit that Smart House System gives:

• improvess your life quality;

• helps you to protect your house;

• saves your money.

While implanting Smart House System, traditional installation switches are changed by digital equipment which executes information exchange by a magistral hook that unites all house equipment. Magistral 4 thread hook is installed beside 230V hooks.

Improves your life quality

Smart House System is adapted to your needs and gives many new possibilities and increases your house comfort.

• You can regulate illumination by scenario projected in advance, by day time, by day light intensity, by people being place.

• You can control blinds and gate automatically and manually, by time, exterior climate or together with illumination scenes.

• Conditioning and heating equipment will be automatically regulated by time, set scenes, people being place. The house will be ventilated when people are absent and heating is switched on before you come back home.

• It is easy to adapt this system to your needs and there is no need to hammer the walls and do any repair work.

• You will be able to observe and set all command and control functions in one computer. Use of control programme is simple and easy to learn. You will see graphic premises view and its controllable parameters.

It helps to protect your house

Smart House System is very reliable and helps to protect your house.

• In case of fire it will turn on all lamps, sirens and air conditioner and ventilation systems will be set in such a way that fire could not spread.

• If you leave the house without turning off household devices, the Smart House System will turn them off.

• When you are not at home, you will be able to set illumination regime which will imitate your being at house and will turn on and turn off the illumination.

• If someone breaks into your house or an accident happens, the Smart House System will send you and indicated persons messages and security or other services.

It saves your money

Once the Smart House System is installed, the house maintenance expenses will reduce.

• While installing the Smart House System, 60% less of hooks is used.

• The System saves up to 50% of usedelectric energy.

• Illumination equipment and light sources last twice longer.

• When the Smart House System controls the heating system, heating expenses reduce up to 30%.

• In summer time blinds automatic control reduces premises’sun heating and reduces electric energy quantity used by conditioning equipment.



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