Grater machine. Domestic electric grater machine - MIGIRIS, LLC

Grater machine. Domestic electric grater machine - MIGIRIS, LLC

Dear Customer, it is our pleasure to introduce the Mazeikiai enterprise, UAB “MiGiris”. The enterprise’s main production is a popular household electric grater greatly loved by homemakers. The grater construction allows a large production output to be achieved, even as much as 80 kilograms of vegetables per hour, thereby saving precious time in preparing food in compeers to a food processor.

They operate quietly, are very easy to disassemble for cleaning, vibrate very little,and make an excellent gift for homemakers.


Domestic electric vegetable grater is a dream of every goodwife. A long time ago making of everybody’s beloved dishes such as “cepelinai”(Lithuanian meal, big dumpings made of potato dough and usually stiffed with minced meat), “vedarai” (kind of sausage, made of grated potatoes stuffed into entrails and baked in the oven), kugel, and other dishes from vegetables was a long and hard work but now after obtaining of Mazeikiai Joint Stock Company’s “MiGiris” grater machine “BETM” it is only a pleasure to prepare such dishes!

The grater is very productive, with the help of it you can grater even 80 kg vegetables per hour, it goes quietly, makes a little vibration, uses a little of electric power, it is very easy to clean as it can be easily unpicked, and the most important thing is that it is really not expensive.

All the family will be happy about this grater. It is the main production of Mazeikiai company “MiGiris”. In addition to this, company makes, rewraps and repairs various electric engines, metal constructions, founds color metal and plastic details in mechanical and repousse way.

Company “MiGiris” concerns about your welfare, because every goodwife will be happy getting such a wonderful present- Joint Stock Company’s “MiGiris” vegetable grater

We hope that this information will help you decide to make us your partner in the kitchen.





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